“The Palms” Boarding Suite

At All About Cats Veterinary Clinic we offer exclusive resort boarding for your deserving feline family. While you are having fun on your vacation, your kitty will enjoy a stay at “The Palms”, an all-inclusive, ‘cats only’ resort where your kitty will enjoy their days relaxing under the palm trees while their personal assistants cater to their feline whims.

We offer Cabanas (standard rooms) and Villas (deluxe suites), each of these providing custom cat houses, perches and ample room for toys and beds. We carry clumping clay and recycled newspaper litter at your kitty's disposal.

The feline loving staff at All About Cats will serve your kitty complete and healthy diets and of course a little after dinner “Kitty Nip”. We provide complimentary nail trims and minor grooms during their stay along with daily weigh-ins and medicating. Personal trainers are available throughout the day for those cats who require a little encouragement to stretch and climb the 5 foot palm tree.

“The Palms” offers the ultimate vacation experience for your feline friend. When you visit “The Palms”, you will find a very clean and quiet environment which will allow your cat to enjoy the ultimate vacation experience.


        "The Palms", an all-inclusive, 'cats only' resort in North Vancouver.

Villas (deluxe suites)

"The Palms" Mural

Cabanas (Standard Rooms)