Pet Insurance

At All About Cats our passion is providing your furry family member with optimal health care. We strongly believe that purchasing pet insurance goes hand in hand in protecting your kitty from the unforeseen. Although keeping cats strictly indoor may prevent various types of trauma, indoor cats still suffer from many of the same illnesses, and have been known to get into plenty of mischief. 

Pet insurance provides peace of mind that, in an emergency or time of crisis, you can focus on what’s in the best interest of your pet and family and leave the finances out of the equation. We can discuss the pros and cons of different plans and sign you up for a free trial after a Wellness Exam. Our clinic cat, Ziggy, is also covered by pet insurance! 

Even with round the clock veterinary care, we want to ensure speciality services, and advanced veterinary medicine (cardiology, neurology, oncology, surgery, board certified care specialists) are never out of reach. Come talk to us about which plan would work best for you.



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