Bloodwork Services

For kittens and cats, getting their blood drawn is a routine part of their medical care. Bloodwork allows our veterinarians to diagnose and monitor any medical conditions your feline friend may have early on so we can create an effective plan together on how best to treat them. To learn more about your cat’s blood work, call us at 604-986-2287

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Why are blood tests important for my cat’s health?

Typically, our veterinary team requests a blood test during a routine annual wellness exam or if we notice any sudden changes. Cats are great masters of disguise and although your pet may be showing no symptoms, blood tests allow us to find any hidden or underlying conditions. The earlier we detect the issue, the better chance we have at treating it effectively.

Will my cat feel any pain?

Our top priority is creating a calm environment where your cat is as comfortable as possible. They will feel a little prick in the area where we draw blood but we do our best to make the process as pain-free as we can. 

How often should my cat get a blood test?

Like many things about your pet’s care, it all depends. Your fur baby may require more or less frequent blood tests depending on their age and health status. We typically perform blood tests when trying to diagnose an illness or before any surgical procedures that require anesthesia. However, we may recommend more frequent blood tests to monitor any ongoing health conditions or medications your cat may be taking.

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