Boarding Services

While planning a holiday or a short overnight trip, one of your top priorities is making sure your feline friend will be well taken care of. At our veterinary clinic, you can have peace of mind knowing your cat will be just an arm’s length away from our feline-loving staff and get the attention they deserve. Our highly trained veterinarians are equipped to provide high-quality care to meet all your cat’s individual needs. If you have questions about our boarding services and availability please contact us at 604-986-2287.

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What kind of accommodations are available?

“The Palms” is an all-inclusive boarding suite that offers three room options of your choosing that can be tailored to your cat’s needs. If your cat feels more comfortable with a little more privacy, a cabana (a singlewide standard kennel) is available. For those that prefer more room, a villa with an extra-large kennel should do the trick. If your kitty prefers additional space and separate spaces for bed,  food and litter, a duplex is the best option!

What can I expect while my pet is staying at your boarding facilities?

You can rest assured that our loving staff will pamper your fur baby. Our boarding suite offers a calming palm tree and tropical theme to soothe your cat’s anxiety of being away from home. Our facilities also include beds where your cat can get restful sleep and toys to keep them entertained. With their health and dietary needs taken care of, we also provide minor grooming such as nail trims. In addition, we have on-site personal trainers to ensure your cat is getting their daily stretch and climb in. 

All visitors staying in The Palms get a minimum of one hour of playtime outside of their kennels per day, often more! In order to stay in The Palms, all cats are required to be up to date on their upper respiratory vaccines and had a recent exam with one of our veterinarians. Please note that we no longer offer boarding services for diabetic cats. We apologize for any inconvenience.

What should I pack for my cat’s stay?

We require that all clients bring their cat’s food and medications needed for the duration of their stay. It is important not to change a kitty’s diet during boarding to avoid gastrointestinal upset.

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