An endoscopy is a procedure that allows us to diagnose various illnesses your cat may have in a safe and less-invasive way. A tube-like device with a light and camera is inserted into your pet’s body, to help our us get a better look at what’s going on and how best to treat it. For more details, please contact us at 604-986-2287.

Our traveling specialist, Dr. Eugene Gorodetsky, provides endoscopy services for our feline patients.

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Why would my cat need an endoscopy?

The procedure may be helpful to find out the causes behind your cat’s digestive or respiratory issues such as ulcers and blockages. It can also be used during surgery to remove any foreign bodies your cat might have inhaled or swallowed.  

How can I prepare my cat for an endoscopy?

For better results and accuracy, your pet needs to stop eating at least 12 hours before the procedure to ensure their stomach and colon are empty. Oral medications may also be provided to clear these cavities. 

Will my cat be in pain during the endoscopy?

Endoscopies are less invasive and entirely painless. Your fur baby will be sedated and unconscious throughout the procedure to safely pass the endoscope through their body. After the anesthesia has worn off, you and your cat can return to the comfort of your home.

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