Veterinary Exam

A visit today keeps the problems at bay! Keeping the doctors away is never the best option for your feline family member. Regular veterinary exams help us help you. Our team can keep an eye on your cat’s well-being and create preventative care plans to keep them in top shape. To learn more about our veterinary exams call us at 604-986-2287. 

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Why is it important that my cat have an exam?

Sadly, cats can’t tell us how they’re feeling and it doesn’t help that they are great at masking their pain. Bringing them in for a routine exam allows us to assess if they have any underlying issues and create a plan to prevent them from getting worse. The goal is to detect them early so we can build a treatment plan right away.

How often should I bring my cat in to see the vet?

We recommend bringing your cat in for a full veterinary exam at least once every year. Additional visits may be recommended if your pet is a senior, kitten or has an existing health condition. If you’re unsure, our veterinarians are happy to recommend how often your cat should come in based on their age, health status and lifestyle.

What happens during a veterinary exam?

During a wellness exam, our veterinarians do a paw-to-tail physical evaluation of your pet. Other diagnostic tests such as blood tests, urine and X-rays may be taken. Some of the things we will observe are:

  • Their reflexes and level of alertness 
  • Their skin (checking for bumps, loss of hair etc.)
  • Their eyes and vision (checking for redness, tearing etc.)
  • Their teeth and overall dental hygiene 

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