Our modern surgical suite is specifically designed for our feline patients and provides a safe and sterile environment. All of our surgical patients receive intravenous fluids during their procedures and the doctor and assistant are with the cat at all times monitoring their respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure. During all surgical procedures body temperature will be regulated. Although no anesthetic comes completely without risk, at All About Cats we use a very gentle and safe anesthetic protocol which allows for a quick and uneventful recovery.

If your cat has a scheduled procedure involving a general anaesthetic you will be asked to "fast" your cat before the procedure is to take place. Although this requires you to take away your kitty's food, it is important to remember to have water available to them at all times. A drop-off appointment will be made between 7am and 9am at which point we will admit your kitty to our hospital and gather any pertinent information. Your cat will be given a pre-anesthetic exam before the procedure begins. Sedation will be administered prior to surgery which will relax your kitty as well as provide peri-operative pain management. Our technician will place an intravenous catheter for the veterinarian to administer the anesthetic and for fluid therapy throughout the procedure. Your kitty will be intubated and gas anesthetic and oxygen will be deliviered via the endotrachial tube.

Once the procedure has been completed, your kitty will be transferred to recovery where he/she will be monitored closely by a technician At that time the doctor will give you a call with a progress report and to discuss the details of the surgery. A discharge appointment will be made at which time you will receive printed homecare instructions and answers to any questions you may have.