Dr. Karen Kutney


Long Term Locum

Dr. Karen was born and raised in Vancouver, BC and has had an overwhelming affinity for animals for as long as she can remember.  When she was very young, her unrelenting nagging for a dog led to a deal her parents made with her: save enough birthday and Christmas money to buy one and you can get one.  Her determination resulted in their first family pet.  As she grew, her keen love, admiration, and respect for all living things led her to the pre-veterinary program at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at UBC.  While working as a student at a local veterinary clinic, she met and fell in love with an injured, homeless kitten, and the rest is history; she has never been “catless” since!  

She graduated with great distinction from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1992, and has worked in the Lower Mainland ever since.  She enjoys all aspects of working with cats, but the grace, dignity, and determined attitude of senior cats makes geriatric and palliative care her special passion.  She truly understands the deep bonds we form with our pets, and strives to be a compassionate partner in their lifelong care, prioritizing quality of life at every stage.  She particularly loves working at All About Cats because the clients she has the pleasure of helping reaffirm her faith in humanity every day with the tremendous love and devotion they show towards their priceless furry family members.

In her spare time, Karen loves gardening, reading, painting, travelling, and creating memories with her family and friends.