Early Detection & Prevention of Disease

Yearly wellness consultations are especially important for cats because they are experts at hiding illnesses. It is common for cats to have serious medical problems and not show any signs until the condition is quite advanced. Most diseases can be managed more successfully when diagnosed and treated in the early stages. Wellness consultations are important because they provide an opportunity to prevent disease before your cat becomes seriously ill.


  • Junior Wellness: ages 8-16 weeks (this involves two appointments, four weeks apart)

  • Adult Wellness: ages 1-7 years inclusive

  • Senior Wellness: ages 8-13 years inclusive

  • Geriatric Wellness: ages 14 years and older (at this age kitties should be seen every six months)


​30 Minutes – Complete Physical Exam

A Wellness Consultation is a thirty-minute appointment with the veterinarian to give your kitty a complete physical exam. During this time they will check your cat for irregularities and abnormalities starting at the head with the eyes, ears, face, mouth and teeth, moving onto the limbs, the chest (lungs and heart) and then the abdomen, before finally examining the coat and skin. The veterinarian will also discuss with you any health concerns you may have including:


  • nutrition

  • oral health

  • behavior

  • genetic predispositions to disease

  • appropriate vaccinations


Helpful hint: bring a prepared list of questions for the doctor; often owners cannot remember all of their questions once they are in their appointment.

See our Cat Care FAQs for frequently asked questions about our Wellness Exams. 

                   Wellness Exams                                          

          Regular check-ups to help prevent disease in your cat.