Veterinary Assistant

Kennel Attendant

During Sherry’s childhood in Iran, there were stray cats on every street corner. Since then, she has always felt the urge to help animals and rescue them. She has had bunnies, ducks, birds, a guinea pig, so many chicks, and now has her dog and cat (who are best friends!).

Sherry will be graduating in spring 2022 with a BSc in Applied Animal Biology at UBC, and her degree has taught her a lot about animal welfare in a wide range of species. When she started research on the welfare of cats in multi-cat households, she knew it was her calling. While veterinary medicine is short of uninteresting cases, she finds herself most interested in behavioural problems and osteoarthritis in cats. 

Sherry appreciates her colleagues for their immense care towards animals by using feline-friendly handling and gabapentin to make kitties’ trips to the vet easier. She enjoys yoga, paddle boarding, and painting pet portraits!